Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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I know we’re biased here, but having spoken to clients and friends I can honestly say that choosing your wedding photographer is the most important decision you will make. One of our recent couples have seven photographs from their wedding album up around the house!

Steps to Choosing your Wedding Photographer:

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What’s Your Style of Wedding?

Firstly think about what type of wedding you’re having. Are you a traditionalist and want lots of perfect classic portraits of your nearest and dearest to treasure? Or do you have a more bohemian approach and want an invisible photographer capturing documentary-style unstaged moments? Perhaps you have a highly styled artistic finish in mind. Many photographers will offer a combined approach so doing your research is key. Your chosen venue will also play a part – choosing a photographer with a gallery full of romantic countryside scenes might not gel with a stylish city wedding. Will your big day be full of tiny details that you’ve spent months perfecting that you want beautifully captured, or are you all about the partying guests?

How to Find Your Wedding Photographer

Now that you’ve determined your favourite style, it’s time to find your wedding photographer. The internet is a magical place and a photographer’s website will show you their portfolio and give you an idea of their stylistic approach. Google is usually most couples first place, but also check out wedding blogs as they usually have a list of recommended suppliers. One of the best places to look for suppliers in our opinion is the Rock My Wedding Love Lust List, one of the UK’s biggest wedding blogs. We are also long term vetted members! Find Wedding blogs which suit your style of wedding as they’ll likely feature suppliers of the same style.

choosing your wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Prices

Now the nasty discussion. Cash. Weddings always come back to money, and if I have one piece of advice for you regarding photography it’s to remember that this is what you have left to look at after the day. You might have been planning your wedding for years, or just months, and whilst the memories will be with you forever you also want beautiful photographs. Many aspects of decoration can be toned down, DIY-d, and borrowed-and-begged from friends and family. This will save you precious pennies which can go towards your photographer. DO NOT SCRIMP HERE. I mean obviously don’t bankrupt yourself, but do your research and get the best photographer you can afford.

These pictures will hang in your home. They’ll be pored over by you when you’re old, by your grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. They’ll be cherished by your parents, and shown to everyone they know (believe me… everyone. People who have never met you and never will). Everyone will smile when they look at them and remember that lovely day.

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Find a Wedding Photographer you can be yourself around!

Of course the other thing to remember is that your photographer is going to be with you all day. You’ll probably see more of us than your new spouse! So a meeting is always a good idea. We love it when we click with our couples, making the time spent together feel more like we’re with friends. This always makes the whole process so much more comfortable and enjoyable! Also you want someone who’s good with your guests!

How We Can Help

Here at Katy & Co we have quite the wealth of experience and our process serves to enhance your day:

Consultation – Finding out your needs:

We priotise meeting for a chat in person as it’s important to see if we gel as we’ll be with you all day! Tell us all of your needs and plans, and we’ll explain our approach and establish if we are a good fit. We’ll find out what your photography priorities are, and discuss the mood you’re after, whether that be traditional, romantic, moody or natural.

Venue visit – Planning the key photos:

We visit your venue a few weeks before the day to brainstorm the ideas you’ve discussed with us. This lets us look at the light, explore and to find what’s unique about the venue. Even if we have shot a venue before we always revisit where possible as venues change and the time of year has a big impact on atmopshere, light, and surroundings.

Group photos and timings:

Once your day’s schedule is pinned down we’ll plot the group photographs and your private portrait session. This session is a highlight for many of our couples, giving them a chance to spend some quiet time together having just tied the knot in their chosen surroundings! We will think about mobility of guests and the flow of the day so keep us informed and we’ll do the hard work.

Benefits of being a duo on your day:

Most of our couples have commented on the advantage of having two photographers on the day. Having two photographers means we can cover everything that is happening including the separate preparations of the bride and groom. This means we capture both sides of your story. It’s also great to have a husband and wife duo as we know each other, we’re reliable and we’ve experienced the wedding whirlwind for ourselves! It’s worth noting that some solitary photographers have various second shooters who they work with as and when, making them less reliable.

Group photos – doing it quickly with clear direction:

Having two photographers is also a major plus as it means we can handle large groups effortlessly. I place myself to take the key photographs whilst Wayne will herd your guests with an expert hand. Wayne is also on hand to capture alternative shots and angles making the most of the natural moments between poses. This way we can get things done quickly so that you can get back to your party!

So my dear readers, remember – this is an excuse to spend hours on Pinterest, on wedding blogs, on photographer’s dreamy websites. Spend time working out where your style lies. Work out a budget, but prepare to stretch it. And finally, find people that you will enjoy spending your day with.