Do you work with a second shooter?

Yes – Myself and Wayne, always work as a duo. Every wedding we shoot, we shoot together. He is a huge help during the service and at the reception so that we don’t miss a thing. His emphasis is on the logistics of your day, helping to manage people and make sure we keep to timings. He also helps carry equipment, set up lighting drive between venues. We also work together on the final edit of your album, Wayne has a fantastic eye and is our photo editor.

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Who is your ideal client?

We are fascinated with meeting new people and enjoy working with couples that are happy, fun and friendly who also appreciate the arts; graphic design, books, fashion, film, architecture and photography.

We love getting to know each couple so we can make you feel as comfortable as possible, so you can truly be yourself and we can work together on a personal level. Weddings where couples spend a lot of creative energy building the narrative of their day for us to capture is always very enjoyable. Everyone is unique and we want to tell your story!

Artistically speaking, we like to work with couples that are flexible and relaxed, so can trust us and our approach. We tend not to work to a shot list as weddings are largely spontaneous and the best photos come from being welcomed into your circle for those important moments. From our style you’ll probably see that we avoid doing anything cheesy like jumping shots or dipping the bride, we like to keep things natural, fun and relaxed and capture any playful moments – if genuine! We encourage our couples to share their ideas with us, as something may be very personal to you (a special place, or object) that without your input we could miss, so just let us know!

We absolutely love our job and we put ever drop of energy, creative thinking and planning into your day! to achieve the best photos we can produce, tailored specifically to you.

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From a photography point of view, when is the best time to have my wedding ceremony?

The key to beautiful photographs is light!

If your photographs are really important to you, plan your ceremony/reception during the daytime, any time from 10am until the last two hours of sunset. And If you ceremony is inside, lets say a church (through the lens the space will appear much darker) so try and add additional lighting to the room, whether that’s using carefully placed flood lights, fairy lights or candles and allow as much natural daylight into the space as possible. For us to remain un-intrusive we tend not to use flash until the evening, so the more light the better! Look at what time the sun sets for your time of year and plan backwards. Remember to factor in all the time greeting your guests, family formals and the portrait session on the day (which can last typically 30-50 minutes) and for those killer sunset shots, set aside an extra 15 minutes to pop out just the two of you for some beautiful shots.

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What are photographers talking about when they refer to a portrait shoot on the day?

The portrait session on your wedding day is a complimentary session of roughly 30minutes to capture some stunning photos of just you and your spouse in a relaxed fun way. It’s also a really nice thing to do, as it gives you a little time to reflect on what’s just happened just the two of you. This can be in a location of your choice, usually somewhere on the way to your reception or at the venue itself, a beautiful open meadow, woodlands, a beach or a ruin nearby, something unique to your area and wedding! These photographs are usually directed in a relaxed manner so that the best composition and lighting is achieved, even if you are after “un-posed photos” we will lightly direct you where to stand and then allow you both to react to each other to get genuine photos. Very few people are confident in front of the camera, but this is where an experienced photographer will come in and capture the best version of you and a portrait that reflects you and your relationship.

Depending on your day’s schedule, I’d recommend having the your portrait session straight after the ceremony, before arriving at your reception. It’s the best time because you are full of energy from the ceremony and once you arrive at the reception all of your friends and family will be there to greet you and you can relax, have sometime to drink before later having the family formals. Otherwise it’s also great to arrive at your reception venue, have a few drinks and then head off whilst your guests are enjoying drinks and mingling!


What exactly does photo journalism/documentary photography mean?

These terms mean a style of photography that is un-staged, literally documenting what’s happening. This method gives the most honest picture of your day and It means the more you welcome in your photographer, the more emotive and dramatic the photos will become! The photographer depends on remaining a ‘fly on the wall’ to do this, so that moments that go un-noticed during the rush of the day, will later express the energy and emotion of the day when you look back, just as it was.

Do you charge a travel fee?

For weddings outside of London, or further afield we may need to add additional travel and accommodation. Any extra travel required such as flights will be extra.

If my wedding is outside of London will you require overnight accommodation?

If your wedding finishes after 9pm and there is a long drive home we may require overnight accommodation. After shooting a 8 – 10 hour day we wouldn’t like to be involved in an accident on the way home due to fatigue!

Do you do destination weddings?

We both love travelling and there’s nothing better than hopping on a plane to visit somewhere new! If you are having a destination wedding you will receive a special quote from us.  Extra costs such as flights and accommodation will need to be covered but, please contact us for a bespoke quote.

What cameras do you shoot with?

We shoot with digital professional Canon 5D Mark II, III and IV camera ranges. We shoot with both Canon L lenses (these are top of the market lenses, with flexibility for zooming) and Canon prime lenses (these are the best fixed focal length lens, such as 50mm, 85mm – perfect for portraits and guest photos) which are all top of the range. We also hire in equipment for that added flexibility to your specific needs.