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Hello and welcome to our blog, we’re so glad you found us! we’re London wedding photographers Katy & Co. We’re all about working with couples who like fun relaxed quirky London weddings. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you and know more your day! If you’ve been creative with your wedding and have something to offer to other couples, please get in touch as it’s nice to share interesting ideas to help others plan their day. We’re always looking to hear from other wedding industry suppliers to feature who share our vision and approach to weddings. In essence, what we’re looking to create is a helpful resource for couples who are in the early planning stages of their wedding. who are looking for objective advice and ideas for their wedding photography and everything in-between.

 Fun relaxed quirky London weddings – Couples looking for creative original ideas

We have been to a LOT of weddings since we began our adventure years ago. In the spirit of sharing, our blog not only goes beyond wedding photography but also we’ll share our tips and advice on what we believe makes fun relaxed quirky London weddings. As wedding photographers we experience weddings first hand on a very personal level with our couples. Equally however we have objectivity as professionals to offer helpful information to help you plan your day. We see not only the big stuff  but how all the small details come together. It’s our job to notice the small touches that make weddings stand out and have character. What makes those weddings rememberable? follow our blog to see and here we’ll include inspiration, our latest weddings, personal projects, musings and anything else that inspires our work.

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