London Engagement Photography – Capturing the early excitement

hampstead heath engagement photos.

London Engagement Photography – Capturing the early excitement

There are really so many good reasons to have a London engagement photography portrait session and below we’ve listed out the reasons and things to consider before having one, so you can make sure you get the most out of the experience!

hampstead Heath London engagement portrait photography

We’ll make you feel more at ease before your wedding day

It’s a very common worry among couples having their photos taken professionally, as it’s something totally new to them and aren’t sure what to do and what to expect. Most have never had any professional photos of themselves before so it’s understandable. Initially you may feel a little hesitant, however we see that most couples quickly relax after about 15 minutes into the session. Most really start to enjoy the experience and actually forget the presence of the camera and feel themselves.

We’d especially recommend having a engagement photography session if your photos are really important to you and are perhaps a little camera shy. Having the portrait session before your wedding will help you feel more at ease and relaxed about having your photo taken, so your photos will look more natural on the day. In short we usually spend 2 hours with you as a couple, which is plenty of time to lessen any anxiety of being photographed.

Revisiting memories or new places of interest

As a matter of fact many photographers offer *free* couple portrait sessions at your wedding venue of choice. In the long run as much as this helps some photographers to picture the day and practice posing and locations. Get the most out of your engagement photography session by revisiting a place that you have fond memories. Or and area that is meaningful to you both. In brief somewhere significant. Perhaps where you first met, had your first date, or an area you both know. Maybe re-explore an area you used to live and see whats new. All in all, somewhere you’ll both feel at ease, happy and can be yourselves! Furthermore you could try exploring somewhere new altogether?. After all its about having fun and reflecting on whats coming up!

In the past we’ve had couples asking to have their London engagement photography session at only famous tourist spots. We certainly enjoy capturing our city and its stunning architecture. However if you have no real connection to the place, in essence the location becomes more of the focus.

We believe the session is about your story. That’s not to say we never go to famous areas of London. On the whole we have shot portrait sessions in some of the most well known areas of London. The Southbank, Spitalfields Market and Regents Park to name a few. By in large, the key difference being the couples we love working with never made it the focus. The location is just a backdrop to their experience together! The couple above decided on the Southbank as its where they had their first date. We took a stroll from Waterloo to London Bridge which has plenty to offer. Pop up installations, good food, the outdoor library, exiting architecture and street entertainment!

hampstead heath engagement photos.

Get a feel for our style and approach

Some couples have told us that they found having an engagement photography session reassuring. To see our style and approach personally before their wedding day and equally it will give you a chance to see how we compose photos, give direction and how we work with you. You may want to see if our style works for you. You’ll also know what to expect on the day and for the most part, make you feel relaxed and familiar with us. Not only will you have a better idea of what the portrait session will be like on your wedding day (such as how we set up shots) but also we can give you tips and advice on posing, how to hold a bouquet etc. In addition we will notice little details like blinking (I am a serial blinker!) that we can be aware of and factor in to our approach

london engagement photography portrait session Victoria Park London

Best places to have your London engagement photography portrait session

As you’ll be taking an a good few hours out of your day, in brief choose somewhere that is convenient. Perhaps near your home or between where you both live. After all Its hard to be your usual self if you’ve just spent hours travelling to your location!

As noted above, we really recommend avoiding the usual tourist hot spots for your London engagement photography session. These areas are usually very overcrowded. Think about somewhere meaningful to you both or somewhere you’ll know you’ll have a lot of fun! A place that reflects where you both are in your lives. In essense it shouldn’t be about impressing your friends with photos of you both in front of Big Ben! If you love the city we’d suggest simply planning a nice walk around your local area. Stop at your favourite pub, visit the local park and finish up somewhere nice to carry on your day.

Generally speaking most couples relax in places of natural beauty, London has some amazing parks and landscaped gardens, such as Kew Gardens, Hampstead Heath, Regents Park and Richmond Park for example offer with stunning sculpted gardens or beautiful wild landscapes. These places also offer more privacy for you to connect and be yourselves – By and large who wants to be surrounded by noise, tourists and selfie sticks!

What to wear, colours and contrasts

Firstly, make sure you both wear an outfit you’ll feel comfortable in. Nothing that’s too tight or makes you feel self conscience. Go for something easy to move in and happy to walk (and play!) around in for the 2 session. Colours are also very important, try to co-ordinate your colour scheme in a complimentary way. The seasons is also helpful, so go with it! If it’s autumn, perhaps mustard, green or plum, or Summer, baby blue, Salmon or custard yellow? Generally it’s better to avoid dark colours or one of you wearing something overly vivid. Generally, pastel colours work well. Furthermore you could always use the colour scheme for your wedding day, but honestly just be yourselves!

hampstead Heath London engagement portrait photography

The best time to have your engagement session

This all depends on the location and time of year. Early in the morning is best to beat the crowds. If its summer, then late afternoon also works. You’ll get the beautiful ‘golden hour’ sunlight when most people are heading home.

All things considered, your mind will likely be on the wedding coming up. So set your engagement photography session not too close to your wedding day. You may find you have too much on your mind with planning the day to really relax. So we recommend doing it soon after you get engaged. Or perhaps 6 month before your wedding. Overall you’ll feel more relaxed and we can capture that early excitement of you both being engaged.

hampstead heath engagement photos.

Create personal, fun, unique photos to remember

We’re always here to offer creative suggestions to make your London engagement photography session more fun and relaxed. We come up with creative ideas by visiting your location to really get the most out of it. Like our weddings, we put equal planning into your engagement photography and this makes our photography really stand out creatively.

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss please contact us below.

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