Documentary wedding photography

It’s about being unobtrusive and authentic. I’m a fly on the wall and avoid directing, letting you and your friends enjoy the party. I’ll capture everything as it happens naturally.

The secret barn wedding, Eco-friendly wedding photographer south London

Portait Session

Relax with each other and just be you. Keeping things authentic. We’ll also give a little direction as well as explore the venue’s features and lighting. We’ll get photos of just the two of you. Short and sweet, so you can get back the party!

Stnaley Halls Wedding South London by Eco-conscious wedding photographer Katy & Co.

How I work

The quality of my work is paramount, but I’m always friendly and chatty – totally free from pretension. I work really well with other relaxed smiley types who can trust me to capture their day. If you want the PERFECT day, want me to use an itemised excel sheet and need 20+ group photos – Sadly I’m not for you!

My Couples

You’re a creative expressive type and love to laugh! You don’t take life too seriously. You’ll likely break from tradition and do your own thing. You want to throw an epic party and not obsess over the details. It’s a celebration of your personalities, friends and family.

You are eco conscious, but you don’t need to scream about it, you just make choices that do your bit. You might be vegan, buy British, love cycling, dress vintage or upcycle.

The secret barn wedding, Eco-friendly wedding photographer south London

Guests + Details

My focus is always on you and your friends having a blast! but I always aim to collect the little interesting details from your day, the food, cake, decorations, clothing, flowers, the venue.

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Eco-conscious london wedding photographer Katy & co. wedding photography

I am a south London based Eco-conscious wedding photographer, focusing on local weddings. However if you are getting hitched in the UK and share my values, I'm happy to travel using sustainable means.

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